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The Confidence Built in Last Night’s Victory

Posted in Game Summaries with tags , , , , , on January 15, 2011 by Josh Getzoff

“It took us a while — in the third period — to get it going.  You try not to get frustrated by (losing to Boston), but the big part of a win like tonight is the confidence it brings.”

–  Danny Briere, as seen on TSN

Updates: TSN’s Top 50 Players in the NHL

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TSN recently ran a spot on their website highlighting who – in their minds – were the 50 best players in the National Hockey League today.  Not surprisingly, numbers one and two on the list were Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, respectively.

Another big offensive year for #17 should elevate his ranking for next season

Some Flyers who cracked the list:

#20 overall: Chris Pronger

#21 overall: Mike Richards

#40 overall: Jeff Carter

Pronger is the second oldest player on the list at 36 years of age.  Only Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur (38), who sits at 45th overall is older.

Only seven teams failed to have a player ranked in the top 50: the Atlanta Thrashers, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Check out the article on the rankings here: TSN RANKS CROSBY NO. 1 AMONG TOP 50 PLAYERS IN NHL TODAY

And take a look at the rankings themselves, beginning here: TSN’S TOP 50

News You Already Know: Gagne Agrees to Waive His NTC

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Has Gagne played his final game as a Flyer?

As you all know, I was away all weekend.  That didn’t stop me from seeing that forward Simon Gagne told the Flyers he would waive his No Trade Clause as the club was looking to trade its longest tenured player this off-season to clear cap space.  Gagne enters this season in the final year of his deal.  He’s due to be paid $5 million this season. 

The Los Angeles Kings and Boston Bruins were both rumored to be interested in Gagne’s services. 


Updates: Forsberg Got an Offer from Flyers

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I read this yesterday morning on the great European Flyers blog, EuroFlyers, as Teemu made note of the fact that Paul Holmgren had reached out to Peter Forsberg late this season when Jeff Carter and Simon Gagne were each battling injuries and the team was on the verge of missing the playoffs.  Thankfully, Foppa declined Homer’s offer – citing a series of health issues – and no one had heard a thing about the ordeal.  I didn’t think much of it after reading it, but apparently some bigger news sources – such as this article from TSN – deemed it worthy enough to make headline news.  So, I suppose I’ll weigh in on it.

Peter Forsberg almost re-joined the Flyers in March for the stretch run

Of course, if you don’t know already, I am still a little bitter to Forsberg for how he treated the Flyers when he made his comeback to the NHL in 2008, spurning their offer to return to his more famous home of Colorado to play for the Avalanche.  With that being said, he was one of my favorite Flyers ever – despite his stay in Philadelphia being brief – and I will always remember his incredible skill and playmaking ability on the ice.  Obviously, 2008 didn’t work out for the Avs too well, and the Flyers made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Final that year, so I don’t have much room to complain about Forsberg not being a Flyer at that time.  Still, that move by Foppa has bothered me to this day.  There were few people more excited than me when the Flyers inked Forsberg out of the lockout.  He was still in the last stages of his prime, and had long since been considered one of  the best players – and regarded as the best when healthy – in the world.  Forsberg’s years with the Flyers didn’t amount to much, and the former top prospect that was dealt to Quebec in the Eric Lindros deal was traded away  again by the Flyers, this time to Nashville during the ’06-’07 season – when the Flyers finished with the worst record in the National Hockey League.

Foppa Captained the Orange and Black in 2006-'07

In 2007-’08 he could’ve returned to the Orange and Black.  He opted not to.  It appears that in 2009-’10, Forsberg once again had the opportunity and turned Philadelphia down.  Some may say I’m crazy for being glad he turned it down, but, seriously, an injury riddled Forsberg added to a team that is struggling enough as is at that point?  Trust me on this: I saw the guy compete for Team Sweden in Vancouver, and he’s slow.  The game has slowed him down; he’s a step behind every play and the puck – which once seemed to find its way to him – suddenly seems to be as far away as possible.  Don’t get me wrong here: Peter Forsberg will go down as one of the greatest hockey players not only in my lifetime, but in the history of the sport.  However, as far as this season was concerned, I’m pretty sure even if the Flyers had missed out on the playoffs I would have the same feelings towards the idea of bringing him on board at the end.  His ankle/foot will never be the same after all the surgical procedures he’s undergone and I don’t think it would’ve been worth it to bring him back for the stretch run this year.

Now, as far as next season is concerned…

Updates: Hartnell Monster Coming to Fruition in Final

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I’ve been one of Scott Hartnell’s toughest critics this entire season, but like Mike Richards, the man with the out-of-control orange hair has begun to win me over.

Hartnell has become more valuable to the Flyers as the postseason has wore on

  In the Stanley Cup Final, Hartnell has lived up to his nickname that was coined by writer Tim Panaccio, “The Hartnell Monster”.  He’s been physical in the offensive end, has cycled at will against the Chicago defense and has even scored a couple of gigantic goals for the Flyers in this series.  Now, some media members in Canada are starting to take notice.

TSN has a great article up about how Hartnell has elevated his game as both a skill player and an agitator with the Cup on the line.  Hartnell, who became known more for his hair and yeti-like look this year moreso than his on-ice productivity, suddenly is a key player if the Flyers are to make any more noise in this series going forward. 


Update: A Wild Night in the NHL

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , , on March 16, 2010 by Josh Getzoff

TSN has an article up today about what should be a crazy night of NHL action with all the match-ups dealing with playoff implications taking place tonight.  The Flyers-Predators match-up is briefly touched on, but I will have a full preview of that up in the next ten minutes or so.