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Watch: “Comeback,” the latest in the “History Will Be Made” Series

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Video courtesy of MrFlyerGuy

…May 14, 2010.  I’ll never forget the day: I was at the viewing party at the Wells Fargo Center with 15,000 of my closest friends and it was quite a party when that final buzzer sounded.


Watch: The Flyers’ “History Will Be Made” Commercial

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…Gene Hart’s call gives me goosebumps EVERY SINGLE TIME I listen to this.

Video: Ian Laperriere Has the Full Support of Flyers Fans

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I first saw this today on Yahoo! Sports’ Puck Daddy Blog, but I couldn’t resist:

…This fan is a lunatic, and Lappy’s reaction is priceless.  Gotta love playoff hockey in Philadelphia.  The Flyers would go on to win Game 6 against the Bruins, 2-1.  We all know what then happened on May 14, 2010.

Watch: Who’s Tonight’s Daigneault?

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Who will go down in Flyers history tonight?

Updates: Hartnell Monster Coming to Fruition in Final

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I’ve been one of Scott Hartnell’s toughest critics this entire season, but like Mike Richards, the man with the out-of-control orange hair has begun to win me over.

Hartnell has become more valuable to the Flyers as the postseason has wore on

  In the Stanley Cup Final, Hartnell has lived up to his nickname that was coined by writer Tim Panaccio, “The Hartnell Monster”.  He’s been physical in the offensive end, has cycled at will against the Chicago defense and has even scored a couple of gigantic goals for the Flyers in this series.  Now, some media members in Canada are starting to take notice.

TSN has a great article up about how Hartnell has elevated his game as both a skill player and an agitator with the Cup on the line.  Hartnell, who became known more for his hair and yeti-like look this year moreso than his on-ice productivity, suddenly is a key player if the Flyers are to make any more noise in this series going forward. 


Updates: Stanley Cup Champion Swag Leaked

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Thanks to Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy the hats and caps that either the Philadelphia Flyers or Chicago Blackhawks will be sporting after their respective franchise has captured the Stanley Cup have been leaked to the masses. 

Hopefully this gear isn’t debuted tomorrow night in South Philadelphia, and the hats and caps decided to come out of the woodwork in Orange and Black Friday night in The Windy City.

Just for the record: the shirts and hats are incredible and if the Flyers are fortunate enough to win these final two games, I will buy all four of the shirts, and both hats. With what this team has been able to accomplish so far, money no longer is an object.

Have a look….

To the victor, go the spoils...

Updates: A Desperate Flyers Team is a Confident Flyers Team

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Thanks to a 7-4 defeat in Game Five of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, the Philadelphia Flyers are once again on the brink of elimination this season.

Danny Briere and the Flyers once again face a do-or-die in Game Six

Of course, elimination hasn’t necessarily meant bad things for the Philadelphia Flyers this season.  Let’s take a look at what they’ve been able to accomplish in elimination games this season:

Winning a shootout in Game 82 of the regular season for the East’s final playoff spot?  Check.

Beating Boston in Games 4-7 after falling behind 0-3 in their Eastern Conference Semifinal series?  Check, check, check, and – you guessed it, check.

So now, it comes time for another elimination game.  Like three of the previous five elimination game victories, this contest will be played at the Wachovia Center.  Extra motivation?  The Flyers are an incredible 9-1 in front of the Orange Crush this postseason.  Now, however, the Flyers face the ultimate elimination situation.  The Chicago Blackhawks will come into South Philadelphia on Wednesday night with the chance to claim their first Stanley Cup since 1961.  The Flyers? Well, a win from them tomorrow night would force a decisive Game Seven Friday night in Chicago – and yet another nail biting elimination situation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sam Carchidi has more on the situation on   FOR FLYERS, DESPERATION INSPIRES CONFIDENCE