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Today’s Lines at Practice

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…Still say Carcillo should be the odd-man out, but it appears I’m never going to get my way.  Look for these to be the combo’s tomorrow night against Tampa.

@tpanotch’s Week in Review

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…Pretty interesting that the Costa Rica Line (Briere, Hartnell, Leino) is a -3 as a whole since the All-Star Break.  They haven’t looked all that dominant since the lay-off, save Leino’s two-goal performance against Nashville on Thursday.

Updates: The Flyers and Their Moustaches

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Everyone knows the Flyers are collectively growing out their ‘staches for “Movember”.  Here’s an inside look with the Flyers themselves, courtesy of

Tweets: Wellwood Called Up, Line Changes if Briere Suspended

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Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News tweeted this morning about the Flyers’ latest call-up:

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted about possible line changes if Danny Briere is lost to a suspension tonight:


Updates: Leino Recovering From Hip Surgery

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Hopefully Leino and Briere will be celebrating many more goals this season

I’m a little late on this, but Ville Leino is well on his way to making a successful recovery from his off-season hip surgery he had performed last month.  Teemu at EuroFlyers has more on the situation.

Obviously, it’s a great thing that Leino is recovering, and doing so quickly.  Teemu notes that Leino is back home in Savonlinna, Finland, running his youth hockey camp at the moment.  Leino will be a guy the Flyers will be counting upon heavily this season, and it will be interesting to see if he can come anywhere near the level he was at during the Flyers’ playoff run, and especially in the final two rounds.  Leino’s the type of player that, although he was so good and so dominant in the playoffs, will have a ton of question marks surrounding him when the season kicks off.  His two line-mates from the postseason (Danny Briere and Scott Hartnell) are still with the organization as I write this, so hopefully the three of them can continue some momentum off what was a fantastic postseason for that threesome.

Leino is under contract with the Flyers for this season before becoming an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Player Report Card: Scott Hartnell

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NAME: Scott Hartnell


Regular Season Statistics: 81 Games Played – 14 Goals, 30 Assists, 44 Points.  -6.

Analysis: Bad, bad, and bad.  There’s not really any positive way to describe Hartnell’s performance during the regular season of this past year.  In an off-season that saw the departures of Mike Knuble and Joffrey Lupul, Hartnell was one of many players who was counted on to have a big season.  Of course, other players fell into this category and failed as well this year, but Hartnell was an exception.  You see, Hartnell had a track record that showed he was going to have a big year.  In his first two seasons with the Flyers, he was awesome, tallying 24 goals his first year, and 30 goals in his second season.  There was no reason to think he was going to have a drop-off, let alone a drop-off of 16 goals.  Alas, that was the case, as Hartnell fell so out of favor that many fans were calling for him to become a healthy scratch at many points of the regular season.  He’d go unbelievably long stretches of games with many forgetting he was even on the ice – that’s how ineffective Harts became for the Flyers this year.  His usual prowess in front of the net was gone, and he seemed to be losing his edge and falling on the ice more often than usual.  He wasn’t playing all that hard, and he was the subject to some stupid off-ice rumors (Jeff Carter having an affair with his wife), which led many to want to send his head to the chopping block.  However, all of those horrible characteristics that surrounded Hartnell somehow subsided when the schedule shifted to the NHL’s second season.

Postseason Statistics: 23 Games Played – 8 Goals, 9 Assists, 17 Points.  +4.

Analysis: Incredible, remarkable, unbelievable.  That was what Hartnell was when the Stanley Cup Playoffs rolled around this year.  The Hartnell we waited for all regular season suddenly emerged when the games mattered the most.  The whining about Harts was gone, and the definite trade that lingered this off-season suddenly was put on an extreme hold.  Hartnell accomplished the rare feat of winning back the fans in Philadelphia, and making sure that they remembered him on a good note at this season’s end, as opposed to a sour one.  It was great to see Hartnell return to his previous dominant form in the playoffs, and all of his incredible hard work was capped off by a two goal effort in a losing cause during Game Six of the Stanley Cup Final – a series he was very strong in.  In the end, of course we would’ve liked a stronger regular season.  However, if a player is going to give you the effort Hartnell did when the playoffs come around, you will take that every time.


Reasoning: This goes to show how a good playoffs can change a lot of people’s opinions on you.  As poor as Hartnell was in the regular season, he was that much better in the playoffs.  He forced his game to the net and brought his physical intensity with him.  He worked harder than I had ever seen him work at any point of the season, and I honestly don’t think it’s that farfetched to ask him to bring that level of hockey with him back to training camp this September.  He’s been great for the Flyers since they acquired his rights from Nashville and inked him to a long-term contract after the ’06-’07 season.  He’s still under contract for three more years in Philadelphia, and it would be great to see him stay with the Flyers for that time.  Overall, Harts, a great postseason towered over a horrendous regular season.  And, in the end, that pushed you from the “C” range to the “B” range.

Updates: Hartnell Monster Coming to Fruition in Final

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I’ve been one of Scott Hartnell’s toughest critics this entire season, but like Mike Richards, the man with the out-of-control orange hair has begun to win me over.

Hartnell has become more valuable to the Flyers as the postseason has wore on

  In the Stanley Cup Final, Hartnell has lived up to his nickname that was coined by writer Tim Panaccio, “The Hartnell Monster”.  He’s been physical in the offensive end, has cycled at will against the Chicago defense and has even scored a couple of gigantic goals for the Flyers in this series.  Now, some media members in Canada are starting to take notice.

TSN has a great article up about how Hartnell has elevated his game as both a skill player and an agitator with the Cup on the line.  Hartnell, who became known more for his hair and yeti-like look this year moreso than his on-ice productivity, suddenly is a key player if the Flyers are to make any more noise in this series going forward.