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Postgame Videos from Last Night

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Paul Holmgren:


Mike Richards:


Kris Versteeg


CBC: The Flyers Want NO PART of a “Runner-Up” Label

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…Aside from the recent slide, the argument can be made that no team matches up to the Flyers in the entire league, save possibly the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings.  I’m tired of the “Runner-Up” label too; I, like many Flyers fans, have never seen a Cup won by the Orange and Black in my lifetime, and I’d love for that to end this season.  Still, so much has to happen between now and (hopefully) when the Flyers are playing in June.

There are still 15 games left in this regular season, and the Flyers have yet to truly distance themselves from the pack.  Will they?  Well, taking care of business against the next few teams that are out of the playoff picture will certainly help.

Tweet: Nikolay Zherdev Placed on Waivers

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…Well, I don’t think many people saw THAT one coming.  Jesus, Zherdev has really gone down-hill incredibly fast with the Flyers, despite scoring 15 goals in limited action this season.  It seems that the fact that the  team “couldn’t find him” last Friday night against Carolina when they were looking to replace the ill Mike Richards with Zherdev may have been the final straw.  It’s a shame, really.  Zherdev has all the talent in the world.  Just no drive or push to be one of the best in the world.  Hopefully someone can claim him and get his salary off the Flyers’ hands – just hope it’s a not a team jockeying for Eastern Conference positioning with the Flyers or a potential playoff opponent.

Read: Ville Leino is a Team Player

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…I like Ville Leino now even more than I already did.  In this day and age, it’s rare that an athlete sacrifices potential cashflow for the betterment of the team, but that’s exactly what Leino did here.  He saw the chance of Kris Versteeg joining the Flyers as a potential final piece to a Stanley Cup puzzle, and told Homer to forget about contract negotiations now and add the former Cup champ with Chicago.  The Flyers had better find a way to get Leino back into the fold this off-season, because after a self-less move like that, the Finn deserves it.

Paul Holmgren on NHLLIVE!

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Thanks, again, to MrFlyerGuy for this.  YouTube him.

…Homer talks about the Versteeg deal, Leino’s contract situation, the play of Bob and Boosh, and fighting’s place in the National Hockey League.  This is a clip from the NHLLIVE! that aired on Feb 15, 2011.

Holmgren: Carcillo Unlikely to be Suspended

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Dan Carcillo isn’t likely to be suspended for his hit to the head of Ruslan Fedetenko last night against the Rangers.

Steve Whyno of  Philly Sports Daily broke the story.  Read it here:  FLYERS’ CARCILLO LIKELY WON’T FACE SUSPENSION


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Danny Briere has been suspended three games by the NHL for his hi-stick to the face of Frans Nielsen in the final minute of the Flyers’ 6-1 win over the Islanders Saturday night.

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