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Laviolette Downplays Leadership Issues

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…There’s no doubt in my mind the Flyers miss Chris Pronger and Jody Shelley on a consistent basis in that locker room.  When their both back, maybe the team’s in-game focus will increase, but it seems to me like veterans Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen, and Danny Briere aren’t having as much effect as Pronger and Shelley clearly did earlier in the season.

I’ve said time and time again: Chris Pronger is the Flyer the team can LEAST afford to lose, and, unfortunately, my point is being very much proven over these last few games.

Postgame Videos from Last Night

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Paul Holmgren:


Mike Richards:


Kris Versteeg


Flyer Five with @BroadStBull

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The Flyer Five is back after a lengthy hiatus, and just in time for the stretch run.  This week, we sit down with Philadelphia Inquirer Flyers beat writer, Sam Carchidi.  Sam tackles everything from whether it should be Bobrovsky or Boucher come playoff time, if Nikolay Zherdev should see the ice again, and whether or not the Flyers will hold on to the Eastern Conference’s top spot.  Read away:


FLYERFIVE with Sam Carchidi

The Flyers Blog: There has been a lot of banter back and forth as to who should tend goal for the Orange and Black come playoff time.  Who, in your opinion, should be the Flyers starting goaltender this Spring: the rookie, Sergei Bobrovsky, or the well-traveled veteran, Brian Boucher?

SC: I would go with the rookie (Sergei Bobrovsky), but have him on a short leash. It’s easier for the veteran (Brian Boucher) to come into a game in relief than a rookie.


TFB: It’s widely known amongst the NHL that the Flyers have one of the league’s deepest line-ups both at forward and defense.  What player or players in particular do the Flyers need to step up most in these last 10 regular season games?

SC: Mike Richards and James van Riemsdyk have been very quiet lately. Time to step to forefront. Ditto Sergei Bobrovsky (of course).


TFB: A season-long debate has raged as to who should be the Flyers’ twelfth forward, with Jody Shelley, who’s recently gone on the shelf with a fractured orbital bone, Dan Carcillo, and Nikolay Zherdev all rotating into what has been perceived as the 12th forward slot.  If you were head coach Peter Laviolette, what player would you put in that slot, and why?

SC: I would rotate Zherdev and Carcillo, depending on the opponent. If it’s a physical opponent, I’d go with Carcillo. If not, I’d go with Zherdev.

…I take this to mean it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing Zherdev again this season unless there’s an injury.


TFB: Entering tonight’s (Thursday vs. PIT, 3/24/11) action, the Flyers lead the Atlantic Division by five points over the Pittsburgh Penguins with one game in hand, and lead the Eastern Conference by one point over the Washington Capitals with a game in hand, despite falling to Washington in a shootout Tuesday night.  Do you see them winning both the Atlantic and Eastern Conference by season’s end, one of the two, or neither?

SC: I think the Flyers will win both the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference, but getting a win Thursday against the Penguins in Philadelphia is the key.


TFB: The New York Rangers (84 pts, 7th place), Buffalo Sabres (81 pts, 8th place), and Carolina Hurricanes (78 pts, 9th place) are all in a dogfight for the final two playoff spots.  If the standings hold true and the Flyers win the division, which would likely assure them of the 1st or 2nd seed, which one of these teams is the best matchup for the Flyers and why?  The worst?

SC: The Rangers would be the worst matchup because they are peaking at the right time and have a gear goalie (Henrik Lundqvist). Buffalo also has a great goaltender in Ryan Miller but I question the Sabres’ offense.  Carolina isn’t as well-rounded as the other two, so I think the ‘Canes would be the Flyers’ most desired opponent in the first round.


Thanks again to Sam Carchidi for offering his thoughts on everything Orange and Black.

Follow Sam on Twitter if you aren’t already at @BroadStBull

Quote: The Thoughts on Adversity Being a Kick-Start

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“I’ve answered this probably 40 times this year.  You have some sort of quote on your microphone. We had a 10 [game losing streak] two years ago. Last year, we had some. I’m not going to keep answering the same question every single year.”

Mike Richards to Sam Carchidi post-game earlier today.


…Usually I get mad when Richie ignores questions or is an asshole to reporters, but in this case I understand.  The team is in a slump, it’s a bad slump, and there really hasn’t been a sign that it’s going to just disappear at the snap of their fingers.  That being said, there aren’t many lineups in the league that can throw out a unit like the Flyers can, and I fully expect them to continue to contend for the top spot in the East.  Whether they may have allowed teams to creep back into the race or not at this point, now that’s a whole other topic – and hopefully something we don’t need to revisit down the line.

Quote: The Chemistry Will Come

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It’s about going out there and trying to get some chemistry going, and I feel it’s coming along.  We’re starting to use each other really well, and the scoring chances are there. Something should be going in, and I don’t know why it’s not. But as long as you’re getting chances, I don’t think you should worry too much.

– Kris Versteeg on his lack of success so far with line-mate Mike Richards, today in the Philadelphia Inquirer


…I’m not really too worried about it, Kris.  Versteeg was not brought here to be the team’s leading scorer, or even a top-3 offensive proponent to this squad.  He was brought here to essentially duplicate the role he had with the Chicago Blackhawks, and I have very little complaints about him so far.  Sure, you want guys to score when they are playing with players like Richards, but it just needs time.  Versteeg is a good player, and eventually the bounces will come.  It’s all about developing that chemistry: something that certainly will benefit Steeger and the Flyers in the long run.

Issues w/ Laviolette’s Power Play Approach?

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When the powerplay is struggling, that’s obviously going to frustrate everyone.  The two units that Whyno says are the finalized groups in this piece sound good to me.  I would personally like to see Versteeg play a little more on the man advantage, but if I know Lavy is all about making his players earn their stripes and Steeger still has yet to do that.

Regardless, they need to get it together on the PP, because it could prove to be their undoing come playoff-time if they continue to suffer with the man advantage.

Today’s Lines at Practice

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…Still say Carcillo should be the odd-man out, but it appears I’m never going to get my way.  Look for these to be the combo’s tomorrow night against Tampa.