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Inquirer: Jeff Carter is a Modern-Day Mike Schmidt

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…This is a REALLY interesting comparison, for a lot of reasons.  Anyone who has ever sat next to me during a Flyers game, or watched a game with me, knows that Carter is not one of my favorites.

What Carchidi likens to Carter “playing so effortlessly that sometimes fans think he’s lazy,” I actually DO liken to laziness.  Listen, there’s no doubting that Carter is one of the best players on this team right now, and arguably their best scoring threat, but until he proves to me he can be a clutch player (yes, I still haven’t forgiven him for not scoring on Niemi in Game 6 last year after the Flyers had tied the game late), I don’t want to compare him to Schmidt.  Mike Schmidt is arguably the greatest 3rd basemen in Major League History; Jeff Carter is simply a good winger.

Maybe the fact that both seem to be underappreciated by the fan base is a good argument, and I’ll admit it’s what intrigued me to read this article, but Carter is in no way, shape, or form comparable to Michael Jack.  He has no ring.

Today’s Lines at Practice

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…Still say Carcillo should be the odd-man out, but it appears I’m never going to get my way.  Look for these to be the combo’s tomorrow night against Tampa.’s Top 50 Fantasy Hockey Players

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…I’m not really all that much of a fantasy hockey guy – I prefer Fantasy Football – but it’s cool to see three of the Flyers players in the top-50 amongst the entire league.  Mike Richards (29th), Jeff Carter (34th), and Danny Briere (43rd) all make appearances.  While I don’t really keep track of my fantasy team, I always only draft Flyers players, so I guess I’m doing well in my league because I know I have all three of those men on my team.

Updates: Carter Locked Up

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TSN reports have been confirmed by Flyers beat writers Anthony San Filippo and Tim Panaccio that the Orange and Black have locked up sniper Jeff Carter to an 11 year deal worth $58 million.

The deal essentially means Carter will be a Flyer for life, and that the team’s offensive core of Carter, Mike Richards, and Claude Giroux will all be together for the next few seasons. More reaction after the game tonight.

UPDATE (5:50 PM EST): Bob McKenzie of TSN Tweets the Carter Contract breakdown:

…Some reaction around the hockey world:





…Sam Carchidi, of The Philadelphia Inquirer, offers this viewpoint onto the next hopeful big signing for the Flyers:

Updates: The Flyers and Their Moustaches

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Everyone knows the Flyers are collectively growing out their ‘staches for “Movember”.  Here’s an inside look with the Flyers themselves, courtesy of

Tweets: Wellwood Called Up, Line Changes if Briere Suspended

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Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News tweeted this morning about the Flyers’ latest call-up:

Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer tweeted about possible line changes if Danny Briere is lost to a suspension tonight:


Updates: TSN’s Top 50 Players in the NHL

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TSN recently ran a spot on their website highlighting who – in their minds – were the 50 best players in the National Hockey League today.  Not surprisingly, numbers one and two on the list were Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, respectively.

Another big offensive year for #17 should elevate his ranking for next season

Some Flyers who cracked the list:

#20 overall: Chris Pronger

#21 overall: Mike Richards

#40 overall: Jeff Carter

Pronger is the second oldest player on the list at 36 years of age.  Only Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur (38), who sits at 45th overall is older.

Only seven teams failed to have a player ranked in the top 50: the Atlanta Thrashers, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Phoenix Coyotes, St. Louis Blues and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Check out the article on the rankings here: TSN RANKS CROSBY NO. 1 AMONG TOP 50 PLAYERS IN NHL TODAY

And take a look at the rankings themselves, beginning here: TSN’S TOP 50