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Daily News: The Flyers Want That #1 Seed

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags on March 22, 2011 by Josh Getzoff


…I would hope this was the case.  With the way the Flyers have positioned themselves, the #1 overall seed looks incredibly likely.  Obviously, victories against Washington and Pittsburgh this week would only help their cause, and they can start it off right by knocking off the Caps tonight.  Having the playoffs go through the Wells Fargo Center would be huge, as we saw how important it was to the Flyers’ success during their run last season.

Tweet: Chris Pronger Out w/UBI, Nick Boynton to Make Flyers Debut Tonight

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , on March 10, 2011 by Josh Getzoff

…Well, obviously this is not good news as Pronger is the player that the Flyers – in my opinion – can least afford to lose, but this is why the team claimed Boynton off waivers.  Tonight, he’ll make his debut as the Flyers once again will need to come away with two points to keep their cushion atop the Eastern Conference in tact.  The Leafs will likely target him early – I hope he works himself hard in warmups, because the Flyers can ill-afford a let down against another inferior opponent.

Boynton Brings Insurance

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , on March 1, 2011 by Josh Getzoff


…I really like the Boynton pick-up.  If someone’s hurt, there’s a more than viable option in Boynton to step in and save the day.  He’s won a Cup, and he’s played solid in the process.  He showed last year that he can come out of the press box in the most important part of his team’s season and play strong defensively on the ice.  Not to mention, he’s a beast.  I’m anxious to see him play a little before the season’s over.

Daily News: Flyers Need Another Defenseman

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , on February 25, 2011 by Josh Getzoff


…Hear that?  That’s all of Philadelphia breathing a sigh of relief that Chris Pronger’s injury isn’t too serious and that the future Hall of Famer more than likely won’t even miss a game.

I agree with Seravalli: the way the injuries have come at the Flyers the last week, there is a need for another defenseman, if for nothing else than insurance purposes.  However, I’m not so sure Adam Foote is the answer.  Sure, as Frank points out, he’s cheap and a proven winner.  However, he’s also 39 years old and has scarcely been healthy this entire season.  How would he hold up for the playoffs?  Would he even be healthy enough to make it to the playoffs?  It’s a big risk, but nothing is out of the realm of possibility.  Especially if all it costs Homer is a late-round pick.

Tweet: Flyers Have “Kicked the Tires” on Foote

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , on February 24, 2011 by Josh Getzoff

Here’s the link to Seravalli’s story.

…Adam Foote is 39 years old.  He certainly is a rent-a-player.  Still, given the situation the Flyers are currently in – that being, struggling to find a healthy sixth d-man with OD and Bartulis battling injuries – it wouldn’t be a bad thing to add depth.  It also helps that the depth would be that of a Stanley Cup winning defenseman.  Again, like Seravalli said, the Flyers have merely explored this trade.  There’s nothing more to it at the moment.  Still, it wouldn’t necessarily be a bad move as Frank notes, saying, “Acquiring Foote would still allow the Flyers enough cap space to bring in another scoring winger.”

Read: Ville Leino is a Team Player

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , , on February 22, 2011 by Josh Getzoff


…I like Ville Leino now even more than I already did.  In this day and age, it’s rare that an athlete sacrifices potential cashflow for the betterment of the team, but that’s exactly what Leino did here.  He saw the chance of Kris Versteeg joining the Flyers as a potential final piece to a Stanley Cup puzzle, and told Homer to forget about contract negotiations now and add the former Cup champ with Chicago.  The Flyers had better find a way to get Leino back into the fold this off-season, because after a self-less move like that, the Finn deserves it.

Picture: Kris Versteeg’s Flyers Jersey

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , on February 15, 2011 by Josh Getzoff

Photo Courtesy of Frank Seravalli (@DNFlyers)

…I don’t know how I feel about him wearing #10 – John LeClair was my favorite Flyer growing up and that number is somewhat sacred to me – but I do know that I’m happy he’s on board and anxious to see what he brings to the table tonight.