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Picture: A Bloodied Carcillo

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And he WON the fight.  Carcillo was solid this afternoon for the Flyers, but I’d expect him to continue to be the odd-man out with how Zherdev is playing when the rest of the lineup is healthy.  Photo Courtesy of John Casey, JR (@JohnPCaseyJr)

Player Report Card: Daniel Carcillo

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NAME: Daniel Carcillo


Regular Season Statistics: 76 Games Played – 12 Goals, 10 Assists, 22 Points.  +5

Analysis: The legend of Dan “Carbomb” Carcillo grew at a rapid pace during the course of this season.  His long, wavy hair and pornstar-esque mustache gave fans a modern-day Broad Street Bully look-alike.  Carcillo has always been an interesting player on this Flyers roster since he came in a trade to Philadelphia for fan favorite Scottie Upshall.  However, this year Carcillo really came into his own as a player.  He is a huge energy guy, as evidenced by coach Peter Laviolette’s frequent decision towards the end of the season to put him up on the Flyers’ first unit with Mike Richards and Simon Gagne.  The place where he was most comfortable though, in my opinion, was as a member of the Flyers’ re-incarnation of the old LCB line, working with Ian Laperriere and Blair Betts.  The three of them posed quite possibly the most formidable checking unit in all of the NHL, and were a big reason that the Flyers were able to have as much success as they did early on in the season.  Carcillo has easily made himself into one of the league’s top pests and most hated players, and, for as long as he stays in the Orange and Black, fans would like for him to keep it that way.

Postseason Statistics: 17 Games Played – 2 Goals, 4 Assists, 6 Points. +1

Analysis: Early on in the postseason, everything was going Carcillo’s way.  He scored the dramatic overtime winner for the Flyers against the Devils in Game Three of the two teams’ Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Series, and he played a huge role for the Flyers in that series altogether.  In the second round, he slipped back into his role as an agitator, and that was when he sustained a sports hernia injury that he would gut out for the remainder of the postseason, but something that severely hampered his play.  The injury plagued Carcillo so much so that he was sat down for the remainder of the Montreal series in the Eastern Conference Final when Jeff Carter and Ian Laperriere came back from injury.  He then was benched again for large parts of the Stanley Cup Final, and when he actually appeared in a Flyers uniform, he looked slow and a step behind the action.  Not even 26, he still has a lot to learn.


Reasoning: Anytime a guy that plays the first half of the season as a checking player can get you 12 goals and over 20 points, it’s certainly a plus.  Speaking of “plus”, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Carbomb finished in the Plus category for both the regular season (+5) and the postseason (+1).  I think that the value of an energy guy off the bench that can make things happen when on the ice can never be over-emphasized.  Carcillo, if used properly, is certainly one of those guys.  He’s a player that gives it his all every shift, and although he does take entirely too many penalties, I will always take a guy who’s going to be wearing his heart on his sleeve over someone who will take a few shifts off here and there.  Carcillo is an important part to the Flyers future, and although his past play has at times left fans and coaches alike scratching their heads, there’s reason to believe he may have turned a bit of a corner on the discipline front and is ready to go for next season.  By the way, I don’t think there’s any way the Flyers don’t re-sign him.

Updates: Carcillo Defines ‘Postseason Warrior’

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Yesterday, the Flyers received a huge jolt to their line-up as they welcomed back Ian Laperriere and Jeff Carter from injury.  The two had been on the shelf for all of the second round, and all the previous three games of the first round, each nursing serious hockey injuries (Lappy with a broken orbital bone and brain contusion, Carter with a broken foot).

Carcillo has seen dramatic improvements in his play this season

However, as two players entered the Flyers’ line-up yesterday, that also meant that two players would have to come out.  Andreas Nodl, although he played exceptionally well in his brief playoff stint with the Flyers, certainly was the first option.  The second option, however, wasn’t nearly as clear an option for Flyers head coach Peter Laviolette.  In the end, it wound up being the Flyers’ biggest pest and agitator, Dan Carcillo.

As Frank Seravalli writes today in his blog Frequent Flyers, Carcillo has been nothing short of defining what the playoffs are all about this postseason.  Taking the scratch in stride, Seravalli acknowledged that Carcillo said the line-up the Flyers had yesterday in that situation gives them the best chance to win.  It’s a great read, and sheds some light on the improvements that Dan Carcillo has overcome this season to become a more complete and effective player in the Orange and Black.

Check out Seravalli’s article here: CARCILLO IS WHAT PLAYOFFS ARE ALL ABOUT

Updates: Flyers Mum on Car-Bomb

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Carcillo's status for Game Five is in jeopardy

Wayne Fish of the Bucks County Courier Times has an article up today about the recent injury situation regarding Daniel Carcillo.  The pesky Flyers winger appeared to have sustained a knee injury in Friday’s Game Four win over Boston and did not take part in practice today, being replaced on the ice by Jon Kalinski.  As Fish notes, it’s hard to determine if at this point Carcillo is legitimately injured, or if the Flyers are just going to ride this one to the wire and not make an announcement until the hours leading up to puck drop.  Either way, it will be interesting to see just how the Flyers can respond if Car-Bomb is out of the line-up tomorrow night, as, in my opinion, it would be an immediately removal of a spark plug from a line-up that is flat-out desperate for one.

Check out Fish’s article here: NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT CARCILLO’S “INJURY”

Updates: 2009-2010 Flyers Team Awards Predictions

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Aside from the fact that there is somewhat of an important game at the Wachovia Center tomorrow afternoon, the game also marks the Flyers’ regular season finale in South Philadelphia.  With that, come the team awards.  Each year, in the last game of the Flyers season, the organization hands out six different awards to particular Flyers players.  My predictions for these awards are below.


The Barry Ashbee Trophy is given out to the ‘team’s most outstanding defenseman’ as determined by a panel vote consisting of local sportscasters and sportswriters.  The trophy is named in honor of Barry Ashbee, an NHL Second Team All-Star and the team’s best defenseman during the 1973–74 season who suffered a career-ending eye injury during Game 4 of the 1974 Stanley Cup Semifinals.”

2008-2009 Winner: Kimmo Timonen.

2009-2010 Prediction: Chris Pronger.

  • Kimmo Timonen’s two-year run as the Flyers’ best defenseman comes to an end at the hands of the franchise’s most prized off-season acquisition.  Pronger has brought everything the Flyers could possibly have asked for on an individual stage to the Flyers since they gave up Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa, and a draft pick to acquire him at the past summer’s draft.  Pronger leads the team in plus/minus, with an impressive plus-22, while also adding ten goals and 45 assists.  He’s been a calming and stabilizing influence often for a blue-line that desperately needs it.


The Toyota Cup is an award given to the player who earns the most points from Star of the Game selections throughout the regular season.  Five points for being the First Star, three for Second Star, and one for Third Star.”

2008-2009 Winner: Jeff Carter.

2009-2010 Prediction: Mike Richards.

  • In the only trophy race where the winner is publicly known ahead of time, this pick is not hard at all.  Richards currently leads Jeff Carter by a total of 50 to 48, and is going to capture the Toyota Cup for the first time in his Flyers career.  The Flyers captain has had a strong season, and despite all the rumors circulating throughout the Flyers’ dressing room, it’s hard to believe that the Flyers as a collective group don’t have the utmost respect for their man who wears the “C”.  I’ve been hard on Richards this season, but his three star selections all year have been warranted, meaning that this award is being given to the correct player.


“The award is given to the ‘Flyer who best illustrates character, dignity and respect for the sport both on and off the ice’ as decided by the Philadelphia chapter of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.”

2008-2009 Winner: Danny Briere.

2009-2010 Prediction: Blair Betts.

  • There are a number of Flyers that could potentially win this award, but I think it’s made for a guy like Betts.  He is as classy as they come in the NHL today, and works as hard as any Flyer game in and game out.  The writers love him too, because like the fans, they appreciate a player who is going to give his all every play.  He’s been a great depth player pick-up for the Flyers this season, vastly improving their efficiency in the face-off circle and on the penalty kill.  One of the main entities of this award is the players who embody the class that a well-rounded player should have.  Betts is the choice in this writer’s mind.


“First given out following the 2006–07 season to honor the memory of long-time announcer Gene Hart, the Gene Hart Memorial Award is given to the ‘Flyer who has the best rapport with the fans’ as decided by the Philadelphia Flyers Fan Club Board of Directors, making it the only Flyers team award chosen by the fans.”

2008-2009 Winner: Scott Hartnell.

2009-2010 Prediction: Ian Laperriere.

  • As expected when the Flyers signed him this off-season, Laperriere has adorned himself to the Philly faithful.  Any Flyers fan who loves the blue-collar style that the team embodies will love seeing Laperriere in action.  He’s emotional and he’s competitive.  Apparently, as evidenced by events this season, he’s also willing to throw his body into shots, regardless of what part of his frame (face, leg, etc.) the on-coming shot will hit.  Lappy’s toothless grin is reminiscent of Bobby Clarke’s from the Golden Flyers Ages of the ’70s, and, not ironically, Laperriere is one of the few Flyers who has even close to the amount of heart that the past Flyers greats have had.


“The Pelle Lindbergh Memorial is awarded to the ‘Flyer who has most improved from the previous season, as voted by his teammates.’  Named to honor the memory of Pelle Lindbergh, a Vezina Trophy winning goaltender with the Flyers who died at the age of 26 on November 11, 1985 following a car crash the day before, the award has been given to 17 different players since the 1993–94 season.”

2008-2009 Winner: Darroll Powe.

2009-2010 Prediction: Daniel Carcillo.

  • Carcillo is an obvious choice for this award, as I believe that he and Matt Carle are really the only two players that legitimately could be considered.  Carcillo has enjoyed a career season in the Orange and Black this year, tallying ten goals and twelve assists.  He still leads the team (and the league) in penalty minutes, but, surprisingly, his discipline has been greatly improved this year from a year ago.  It’s obvious he wishes he could drop the gloves at any given moment, but, thankfully, he’s settled down a bit.  My guess is his teammates have noticed this and he’s their guy for the most improved player this season.


“The Flyers unveiled the Bobby Clarke Trophy on November 15, 1984 to honor the retired Bobby Clarke during Bobby Clarke Night at the Spectrum. Clarke was the captain of the Flyers for several seasons, including during the team’s two Stanley Cup championship seasons, and was and still is the holder of several Philadelphia Flyers records. Since then it has been given to the ‘Team’s Most Valuable Player,’ as determined by a panel vote consisting of local sportscasters and sportswriters.”

2008-2009 Winner: Mike Richards.

2009-2010 Prediction: Mike Richards.

  • Expect Richards to three-peat this season as the team’s MVP.  He’s been a constant force all season, registering a career high of 31 goals, while also notching 31 assists, and currently leads the Flyers’ season scoring with 62 points.  I knock Richards a lot, but the truth is he’s as capable as they come in the game today, and they guy is a competitor.  He’s young still, and needs to really grow into his captaincy, but his on-ice leadership is second to none.  He plays physical and scores timely goals.  He is a main reason the Flyers even have a chance at the playoffs heading into the last game of the season.  Just a sidenote, however: if Michael Leighton stays healthy and the Flyers make the playoffs, Leights is without a doubt my team MVP.

Updates: Locker Room Reaction

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Click on the link below to see the Flyers’ post-game reaction to their victory yesterday over the Detroit Red Wings.  The Orange and Black won a big game by a score of 4-3, and moved into a tie for seventh in the Eastern Conference.

Check out the post-game videos here: PHI 4, DET 3. Game Reaction