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Laviolette Downplays Leadership Issues

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…There’s no doubt in my mind the Flyers miss Chris Pronger and Jody Shelley on a consistent basis in that locker room.  When their both back, maybe the team’s in-game focus will increase, but it seems to me like veterans Mike Richards, Kimmo Timonen, and Danny Briere aren’t having as much effect as Pronger and Shelley clearly did earlier in the season.

I’ve said time and time again: Chris Pronger is the Flyer the team can LEAST afford to lose, and, unfortunately, my point is being very much proven over these last few games.

Picture: Chris Pronger is “Winning”

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From Charlie Sheen’s Facebook Fan Page


…I think Charlie Sheen is a moron and the whole “Winning” phenomenon is even more absurd, but this is pretty funny.  Hopefully Pronger can get back into the lineup soon and the Flyers start winning some hockey games.

Tweet: Pronger Could Return for April 3rd Game vs. NYR

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…I can’t wait till Pronger comes back.  Whether it be the Rangers game, before that, or just before the playoffs begin, Pronger’s return will definitely be a jolt for this team.

Tweet: Chris Pronger Out w/UBI, Nick Boynton to Make Flyers Debut Tonight

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…Well, obviously this is not good news as Pronger is the player that the Flyers – in my opinion – can least afford to lose, but this is why the team claimed Boynton off waivers.  Tonight, he’ll make his debut as the Flyers once again will need to come away with two points to keep their cushion atop the Eastern Conference in tact.  The Leafs will likely target him early – I hope he works himself hard in warmups, because the Flyers can ill-afford a let down against another inferior opponent.

Quote: Not Winning the Right Way

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“There’s winning, and there’s winning in spite of how you play.”

–  Chris Pronger, to reporters after Tuesday’s 4-1 win against Edmonton.

…The Flyers came to play in the first period, outshooting Edmonton 17-1 and taking a 2-0 lead into the break.  Where did that energy go in the second and third periods?  Sure, the Flyers got the victory, but they didn’t play 60 minutes in the process.  They’ll continue to face desperate teams in the coming weeks, who all have been playing a full 60 mins just about every night.  It’s a habit the Flyers MUST get into sooner rather than later, and I’m happy Pronger is voicing his concerns over it.  He’s a big part of the leadership on this team, and they need to know when something is not working properly.

In the end however, you take the two points and move on.  They need a full game’s effort against Toronto Thursday, just to show themselves they can play an entire hockey game at their level.


Daily News: Flyers Need Another Defenseman

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…Hear that?  That’s all of Philadelphia breathing a sigh of relief that Chris Pronger’s injury isn’t too serious and that the future Hall of Famer more than likely won’t even miss a game.

I agree with Seravalli: the way the injuries have come at the Flyers the last week, there is a need for another defenseman, if for nothing else than insurance purposes.  However, I’m not so sure Adam Foote is the answer.  Sure, as Frank points out, he’s cheap and a proven winner.  However, he’s also 39 years old and has scarcely been healthy this entire season.  How would he hold up for the playoffs?  Would he even be healthy enough to make it to the playoffs?  It’s a big risk, but nothing is out of the realm of possibility.  Especially if all it costs Homer is a late-round pick.

Read: Chris Pronger was Furious Yesterday Afternoon

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…Yesterday’s game was frustrating all the way around.  When Jarret Stoll clearly boarded/hit-from-behind Chris Pronger in the third period, I think basically everyone was shocked that there was no penalty called at all.  Pronger, who’s not exactly light on his feet, flew headfirst into the boards, and instead picked up the only penalty on the play when he got back up and threw Stoll like a ragdoll to the ground.  Obviously, the retaliation aspect is what killed Pronger, but it’s hard to harp all the blame on him when in reality he was just standing up for himself on the play.  I’m sure frustration with the fact that the Flyers couldn’t get a single shot past Jonathan Quick also had something to do with it.