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CBC: The Flyers Want NO PART of a “Runner-Up” Label

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , , on March 11, 2011 by Josh Getzoff


…Aside from the recent slide, the argument can be made that no team matches up to the Flyers in the entire league, save possibly the Vancouver Canucks and Detroit Red Wings.  I’m tired of the “Runner-Up” label too; I, like many Flyers fans, have never seen a Cup won by the Orange and Black in my lifetime, and I’d love for that to end this season.  Still, so much has to happen between now and (hopefully) when the Flyers are playing in June.

There are still 15 games left in this regular season, and the Flyers have yet to truly distance themselves from the pack.  Will they?  Well, taking care of business against the next few teams that are out of the playoff picture will certainly help.


CBC’s 30 Thoughts: Flyers Have a Shot to Host Winter Classic Next Season

Posted in Flyer Thoughts with tags , , , on February 22, 2011 by Josh Getzoff

Philadelphia has a shot at next year’s Winter Classic, either at Lincoln Financial Field (home of the Eagles) or Beaver Stadium (home of Joe Paterno and Penn State football). Canadian version: Montreal really wants it, and will get it at some point. Appears only other possibility is Vancouver, and it would be interesting to involve BC Place’s new retractable roof.

Elliotte Friedman, CBC


…If it’s not Flyers-Penguins at Beaver Stadium, that can’t really be a “home game” for the Flyers if they were to be the Classic’s host.  Penn State is a solid three hours from Philadelphia, meaning that there’s no real tie to the state unless it’s made into a Pennsylvania-exclusive game, which obviously is a possibility.  The Linc seems like a real option, and that would be an incredible venue to watch the Flyers play in.  I would be surprised if the New York Rangers weren’t involved next year, but from what I’m reading it looks like the Flyers have as good, if not a better chance than most, to land their second Winter Classic in three years.

CBC: “Hockey Day” Would Have Fit Roger Neilson Perfectly

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…Neilson was one of the great hockey minds in the history of the game, and by far one of the more interesting coaches in the Flyers’ history, despite his somewhat brief stay in Philadelphia. His life was taken from him far too soon, and it’s cool to see how his legacy is still remembered on such an important day.

Claude Giroux is a Mid-Season Fantasy Hockey MVP

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I believe a true fantasy sports guru knows how to get maximum value from players picked low in the draft. That’s why my fantasy MVP is Claude Giroux, who I predicted would have a break-out season way back in our second column of the season. But, truth be told, his stats make my bragging completely warranted. Check out the numbers. The Flyers forward was selected, on average, 146th in Yahoo! drafts, which is the 14th round. Despite being drafted so low, Giroux finds himself in 15th in league scoring. That’s a difference of 131 spots.

Jordan Shifman, CBC
…Always nice to see a Flyer involved in MVP talks, whether it’s fantasy or not.  Giroux has arguably been the Flyers’ REAL LIFE MVP through the first half or so of this season, and I’m anxious to see what else he has left in his arsenal through the final quarter of games or so.

CBC – Ray Emery is Coming Back

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: S-A-N-J-O-S-E.  Maybe a team that’s out of it will take a shot (Ottawa reunion perhaps?), but I really feel like the Sharks are calling Emery’s name.  With that being said, any team that signs him knows their taking a risk health-wise, because there always lingers the possibility that he’ll never be the same goaltender he once was.