Quote: Not Playing Like the Top Team in the East

“We keep talking about being the top team in the league, but we haven’t played that way.  We have to get our game in order.”

– Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen, after the 4-2 loss to New Jersey on Friday night.

…Kimmo Timonen sounds like a beat-up, frustrated old man in these post-game interviews lately.  I feel like we’ve seen the Flyers consistently talk about how they want to be the best, but as Timonen says in this quote, they aren’t showing it on the ice.  The pieces are there for them to be one of the top teams in this league – and certainly the top team in the East – but for whatever reason, the Flyers seem to not be able to get it together right now.

They desperately need to find that spark before the playoffs roll around because they are going to end up stumbling into the postseason while a lower seeded team like New York, Buffalo, or even Carolina will come into the playoffs on a high.  We all know how that worked in the Flyers’ favor last year – karma could get them this time around if they don’t get it together as soon as their next game, against, of course, those New York Rangers.


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