Tweet: Attitude Adjustment Needed

…It’s funny: I was just texting with a friend about the Flyers yesterday and I told them that I really haven’t liked their style of play at all since the All-Star Break.  The team just seems to be coasting at times, and not playing the full 60 minutes that got them to where they are at the moment.  It’s two fold: winning games is a good thing, but winning games when you’re not playing your best could lead to the developments of some bad habits.  The Flyers have started to show that being the case, as they’ve slowly become 1) lackadaisical in the defensive zone and 2) somewhat scoring challenged.

Hopefully Homer can lay into ’em a bit and get them back to playing Flyers hockey.  Of course, in the end, they are still getting points, which has to make you wonder where they’d be if they were all in the focused mindset.


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