Why Not Philly?


Let’s see. Over the past 42 NHL seasons, the Flyers have been in the playoffs 34 times. More recently, 13 of the last 14 seasons.

You can expect that to grow to 14 of 15 this season, too.

Coming in, the Flyers had played 3,342 games with an all-time record of 1662-1153-457-43-27 for 3,851 standings points. That’s an all-time points percentage of .576.

Would it surprise you that it is also the second-best points percentage in NHL history?

Only the legendary Montreal Canadiens (.590) are ahead of the Flyers.

– Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com

…How the Flyers don’t even register in the top five is flat-out bizarre.  The Flyers are consistently one of the top teams in the NHL, and players within the organization know that they have a real chance to play for the Cup each year.  Not to mention, it’s no secret in NHL circles that Philly fans are among the most passionate and most die-hard in the league.  Further, the Wells Fargo Center has become a top venue in this league, AND the team has blogs covering it such as this one, Broad Street Hockey, Flyers Faithful and Flyers Goal Scored By.  If those aren’t selling points, then I don’t know what is.


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