NHL.com Says Flyers Won’t Deal at Deadline


If the Flyers are confident in rookie Sergei Bobrovsky and one of last postseason’s heroes, Brian Boucher, in net than Philadelphia doesn’t really have any needs to address (and the record reflects that). There’s enough cap room to do something if an injury occurs, but doing so would likely push some bonus money for James van Riemsdyk and Bobrovsky onto next year’s cap. Verdict: STANDING PAT

–  Corey Masisak, NHL.com


It’s hard to imagine the Flyers not making a move, but it’s very understandable as to why they wouldn’t be able to.  I’m still of the belief that Paul Holmgren truly feels that if he can get one more player to add depth, it will put the Flyers over the top.  As long as the asking price isn’t too high, there shouldn’t be any reason why the Flyers don’t make the deal – provided the acquired player’s salary fits into the salary cap, which is a fight in itself.  Preferably, the Flyers can pick up an expiring contract, someone who can give them just enough force the rest of the way, then bid them adieu in the off-season.



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