Zherdev Remains an Enigma


…I was totally in favor of the Flyers bringing in a guy like Zherdev this summer.  Sure, he’s had his issues, but what were the chances he’d continue to be an enigma here in Philly?  I guess I didn’t really look at the guy the Flyers were bringing in.  Despite remaining one of the most puzzling individuals to ever put on a Flyers uniform, Nikky Z still is one of the team’s top goal scorers, adding his fourteenth of the season last night.  His two assists obviously are a concern, and the fact that he seems to take prolonged absences (3-4 games at a time) out of Peter Laviolette’s line-up also is a sign that he certainly will be gone after this season.

Of course, when it comes to THIS season, Zherdev, in my opinion, brings a helluva lot more to the table than does Dan Carcillo.  I am in favor of having an enigmatic Zherdev in the line-up more than an undisciplined Carcillo, but then again there’s also a reason I’m not the Flyers’ bench boss.  We shall see how it all plays out, but hopefully Zherdev can start to shed that ‘enigma’ label and start making a better reputation for himself in this league, because, as Frank Seravalli says in that article, he certainly has the tools to be great.


One Response to “Zherdev Remains an Enigma”

  1. I dunno, sounds to me like the coach knows exactly how to use Zherdev. Maybe he’s keeping him to the KHL schedule he was used to in terms of TOI for a season? It is unconventional, but whatever works!

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