Burnside: Flyers Will Win President’s Trophy

The Philadelphia Flyers will edge Vancouver for the top spot in the league based on playing more junky teams in the East.

– Scott Burnside, ESPN.com

…It’s hard to imagine the Flyers becoming the best team in the National Hockey League after just four seasons ago they were the worst team in the league.  Still, such is the situation the Flyers have put themselves in after putting together quite a formidable group in Orange and Black this season.  The Flyers are currently in second-place in the NHL, with Vancouver holding the league’s top spot.  I could certainly see them winning the President’s Trophy, but I’m far more concerned with winning the Atlantic Division and getting one of the top seeds in a wide-open Eastern Conference.

Besides, how important is the President’s Trophy anyway when last season’s winner, the Washington Capitals, blew a 3-1 series lead to the eighth seeded Montreal Canadiens, capped off by losing Game Seven on their home ice?  It would be nice to have the league’s top regular season record, but you won’t find many in the Flyers organization satisfied with anything less than being at the top when the Stanley Cup Playoffs have concluded.


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