Updates: “The Fog” in the Hall Needs to Clear for Fred Shero

In one of the better articles I’ve read in some time, Frank Seravalli makes his points as to why Flyers coaching legend Fred Shero deserves to be enshrined in the Hockey Hall of Fame over many other eligible candidates, such as the late-Pat Burns.

Shero is the best coach in Flyers history

The question as to why Shero isn’t in the Hall is something that’s been a question hovering in my mind for quite some time.  That being said, I really enjoyed Frank’s article today.  Seravalli makes note that Shero is one of the more successful coaches in NHL history, putting together four straight seasons of a .700 winning percentage, accompanied by two Stanley Cup Championships with the Flyers.  He was the first coach in the league’s history to bring on assistants, and implement a system for his players to follow.

Give this a read, and feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts about Shero potentially entering the Hockey Hall of Fame:  FRED SHERO DESERVES PLACE IN HOCKEY HALL OF FAME


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