The First Edition of “The FlyerFive”

After a hefty delay, the first edition of “The Flyer Five” is done!

Frank Seravalli comes on for Round One

I hope you enjoy the first ever edition of “The FlyerFive” , which is basically a five minute segment in which I interview a Flyers beat writer, hockey analyst, blogger, and maybe – if I’m ever lucky enough – sometime in the future I can get a Flyer on the segment.  This one had some technical gaffes on my end, so that was what caused the delay.  Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News was nice enough to come on and be my first guest, and this interview was actually recorded a few days before the Flyers opened their season in Pittsburgh.  It’s a little dated, obviously, but Seravalli still has some great insight.  I hope you’ll enjoy.  The future one’s will be more prompt and better quality.

In this week’s (last week’s) edition: Who fill’s the forward spot Ian Laperriere’s injury has left vacant?  Who impressed the most during camp?  Can the Flyers compete in a tough Atlantic Division?  We’ll also get Frank’s opinion on whether or not he feels this group can challenge for a Stanley Cup.

Check out the first edition of “The FlyerFive”:  FlyerFive Seravalli 10-04-10


One Response to “The First Edition of “The FlyerFive””

  1. Really enjoyed the Flyer Five. Good insights from Frank.

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