Player Report Card: Darroll Powe

NAME: Darroll Powe

POSITION: Center/Wing

Regular Season Statistics: 63 Games Played – 9 Goals, 6 Assists, 15 Points. Even.

Analysis: Entering this season, there was a question as to whether or not there would be a spot on the Philadelphia Flyers for Darroll Powe.  They appeared to be overloaded at center, and had just brought in Blair Betts to center their fourth line.  It looked for a time that Powe would be Philly’s odd man out.  However, Paul Holmgren wanted the energy of Powe to be in Orange and Black every night and, as a result, he decided to keep him with the big club after training camp.  As it turns it, Holmgren made the correct decision.  Powe has quickly become a fan-favorite in Philadelphia, given his story: an undrafted free agent out of Princeton who worked hard and made his own way to the NHL by way of being signed by the Flyers to a professional contract.  So far, he’s created a solid NHL career for himself, and this year only helped to add to it.

Postseason Statistics: 23 Games Played – 0 Goals, 1 Assist, 1 Point. -2

Analysis: Postseason Darroll Powe is when his facets of the game truly shine.  He won’t score you any goals, and he’ll rarely factor in on one at all.  He has two purposes, and two purposes only once the NHL shifts to playoff time: wreak havoc as a checking line winger on opponents, and kill penalties.  Both of those purposes went completely fulfilled by Powe in this postseason run, and I don’t think you’ll find many people who would disagree with that assessment.  Powe is a hard worker, and he never takes a shift off.  He knows how fortunate he is to be playing at the highest level of hockey in the world, and he does not take it for granted.  As a result, Powe was one of the many Flyers who had a postseason to be proud of this year.


Reasoning: Call me a stickler, but I would’ve liked to at least seen Powe hit the ten goal plateau this year, and it’s a shame he didn’t.  Even so, I really feel that Darroll Powe has made tremendous strides since first coming to Philadelphia two seasons ago.  He’s an incredibly hard worker, and someone who will always be giving it his all every shift.  He’s turned himself into a very serviceable third and fourth line checking player in the National Hockey League, and the Flyers likely will come to terms with the Restricted Free Agent on a new deal this off-season.  Hopefully, Powe can continue to have many more hard-working, productive years in the Orange and Black and continue to make us proud that he sports the Flyers crest on his chest.  But, really, Darroll.  Ten goals next year.  Please?


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