Player Report Card: Braydon Coburn

NAME: Braydon Coburn

POSITION: Defenseman

Regular Season Statistics: 81 Games Played – 5 Goals, 14 Assists, 19 Points.  -6.

Analysis:  After putting up 36 points and 28 points respectively in his first two full seasons as a Flyer, Coburn experienced a bit of a drop off in his production this past season.  Counted on by many to have his game grow playing alongside his childhood hero Chris Pronger, Coburn instead did the opposite.  As a result, he was subject to harsh criticism from the Philadelphia media and really struggled to perform consistently at a high level throughout the course of the season.  In the past, one facet of his game that Coburn has wowed people with is his speed and ability to control the puck and make things happen in the offensive zone while being above average defensively.  This year, his offensive production significantly dropped, and his defensive skills were little to non existant.

Postseason Statistics: 23 Games Played – 1 Goal, 3 Assists, 4 Points. -2

Analysis: After a sub-par regular season, Coburn certainly stepped it up in the playoffs.  However, it wasn’t that hard for him to improve upon what was a dreadful first half.  Part of the reason Coburn improved in the playoffs was simply because he had to.  Logging over 25+ minutes of ice time a game gave him little room for error, and, as a result, forced him to be a more significant contributor to the Flyers’ nightly effort.  I still feel that Coburn was more of a liability than a positive for the Flyers defensively for the better part of the postseason, but given what the team accomplished it’s hard to say he brought them down too much. 


Reasoning: Coburn’s regular season was, by all accounts, an extreme disappointment.  For a player entering a contract year, Coburn could have been far better in Orange and Black this year.  He knows it.  The Flyers know it.  He’ll likely go into arbitration with the Flyers this offseason and get a pretty penny to his name based upon his prior achievements in a Flyers uniform.  Still, however, he will need to earn that money with his play this season.  Simply put: last year’s Coburn won’t cut it this year. The Flyers will need the 2007-’08 Coburn if they are to make a serious attempt at defending their Eastern Conference Crown in 2010-2011, and an effort from Coburn similar to this year won’t be nearly enough.  He was counted on this season to be a horse, and he wasn’t.  The same exact expectations will be placed upon him before next season.  Will he answer the bell?


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