Updates: Flyers Set to Make a Push for Nabokov on Day 2

As upset as I was about the Flyers shipping Dan Hamhuis and his signing rights to Pittsburgh last night, this tweet from Tim Panaccio made me a little bit happier.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Philadelphia Flyers are going all in on the goaltending front.  They are going for the jugular.  They are going for the best goaltender available.

Could Nabby be en route to Philly?

They are going for Evgeni Nabokov.

Before you attack me and say, “Hey you hated on Tim Thomas yesterday and Nabokov’s even older than he is!” Let me tell you this: Tim Thomas is not even half the goaltender Nabokov is, and if the Flyers were to acquire his rights, and then (hopefully) sign him, they would have a goaltender that would once again make them an immediate contender in not only the Eastern Conference, but in the entire National Hockey League as well. Sure, it worries me that Nabokov has been a Shark his entire life and never really played in a major market, and sure, it worries me that he’s been the goaltender on all those San Jose choke-jobs, but at this point, if Evgeni Nabokov is staring you down, you HAVE to take him!

I’m not going to go all that in-depth yet, because a deal has yet to be made.  But here are Nabby’s win totals over the last five seasons:

2009-2010: 71 Games Started, 44 WINS

2008-2009: 62 Games Started, 41 WINS

2007-2008: 77 Games Started, 46 WINS

2006-2007: 50 Games Started, 25 WINS

2005-2006: 45 Games Started, 16 WINS

…Talk about getting better with age.

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One Response to “Updates: Flyers Set to Make a Push for Nabokov on Day 2”

  1. I think it sounds like a splendid plan. I’m not sure what the Sharks are going to do now. I can only hope that DW’s hat is full of defensive rabbits. Very fierce rabbits, like in MP & The Holy Grail.

    In the mean time I really hope that the Flyers and Nabby can work this out.

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