Player Report Card: Daniel Carcillo

NAME: Daniel Carcillo


Regular Season Statistics: 76 Games Played – 12 Goals, 10 Assists, 22 Points.  +5

Analysis: The legend of Dan “Carbomb” Carcillo grew at a rapid pace during the course of this season.  His long, wavy hair and pornstar-esque mustache gave fans a modern-day Broad Street Bully look-alike.  Carcillo has always been an interesting player on this Flyers roster since he came in a trade to Philadelphia for fan favorite Scottie Upshall.  However, this year Carcillo really came into his own as a player.  He is a huge energy guy, as evidenced by coach Peter Laviolette’s frequent decision towards the end of the season to put him up on the Flyers’ first unit with Mike Richards and Simon Gagne.  The place where he was most comfortable though, in my opinion, was as a member of the Flyers’ re-incarnation of the old LCB line, working with Ian Laperriere and Blair Betts.  The three of them posed quite possibly the most formidable checking unit in all of the NHL, and were a big reason that the Flyers were able to have as much success as they did early on in the season.  Carcillo has easily made himself into one of the league’s top pests and most hated players, and, for as long as he stays in the Orange and Black, fans would like for him to keep it that way.

Postseason Statistics: 17 Games Played – 2 Goals, 4 Assists, 6 Points. +1

Analysis: Early on in the postseason, everything was going Carcillo’s way.  He scored the dramatic overtime winner for the Flyers against the Devils in Game Three of the two teams’ Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Series, and he played a huge role for the Flyers in that series altogether.  In the second round, he slipped back into his role as an agitator, and that was when he sustained a sports hernia injury that he would gut out for the remainder of the postseason, but something that severely hampered his play.  The injury plagued Carcillo so much so that he was sat down for the remainder of the Montreal series in the Eastern Conference Final when Jeff Carter and Ian Laperriere came back from injury.  He then was benched again for large parts of the Stanley Cup Final, and when he actually appeared in a Flyers uniform, he looked slow and a step behind the action.  Not even 26, he still has a lot to learn.


Reasoning: Anytime a guy that plays the first half of the season as a checking player can get you 12 goals and over 20 points, it’s certainly a plus.  Speaking of “plus”, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Carbomb finished in the Plus category for both the regular season (+5) and the postseason (+1).  I think that the value of an energy guy off the bench that can make things happen when on the ice can never be over-emphasized.  Carcillo, if used properly, is certainly one of those guys.  He’s a player that gives it his all every shift, and although he does take entirely too many penalties, I will always take a guy who’s going to be wearing his heart on his sleeve over someone who will take a few shifts off here and there.  Carcillo is an important part to the Flyers future, and although his past play has at times left fans and coaches alike scratching their heads, there’s reason to believe he may have turned a bit of a corner on the discipline front and is ready to go for next season.  By the way, I don’t think there’s any way the Flyers don’t re-sign him.


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