Updates: Old News – Backlund’s Coming Back

I’m sure you read numerous times over the past day or so that Johan Backlund resigned with the Flyers to the tune of a 2-year deal with the organization.  I just made you read it again.  Backlund’s deal is simple: it’s of the two-way variety and if Johan ends up with the Flyers, he’ll be paid around $800,000; if his home is in the Adirondacks, he’ll make just shy of $200,000.

Backlund spent the majority of last season with the Phantoms

The fact that he has been resigned, when it seemed that many teams overseas were looking for his services, leads me to believe one thing:  he is definitely going to be either the back-up on the Flyers’ roster next season, or he is going to be the starter for the Adirondack Phantoms next year.  Either way, next year will be a full-fledged trial run for Backlund.  If the Flyers like what they see, they likely will bring him up to Orange and Black full-time in 2011-2012.  Backlund was solid with the Phantoms last season, going 21-17-2.  He appeared in just one game for the Flyers, against the Pittsburgh Penguins, and saw only two periods of action before getting hurt in the second period.  He was tagged with the loss in the game.

You can check out the Philadelphia Flyers’ Official Press Release here: FLYERS SIGN BACKLUND TO MULTI-YEAR CONTRACT


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