Updates: The Wachovia Center “Toughest Place to Play In – Bar None”

There are few more intimidating venues in sport than the Wachovia Center come playoff time

There’s an article up on the TSN website profiling how the Madhouse on Madison that goes on during Chicago Blackhawks games compares to The Orange Crush that takes place during Philadelphia Flyers games.  While each stadium is pretty crazy in its own right, I think the barn in Philadelphia – the Wachovia Center – takes the cake in this match-up.

TSN has a couple quotes from notorious NHL bad-boy Matthew Barnaby saying how much he hated playing in Philadelphia and the Wachovia Center, in particular.  I definitely think home ice will play a role in this series, as we have already seen it make a huge difference for some teams (ahem, Montreal) in this postseason.  The Flyers have been dynamite at home in front of their Orange Crush in the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs, posting a record of 7-1 inside the Wachovia Center.  The Blackhawks are just 5-3 when they play in front of the 22,000+ that roam the United Center.  As TSN insinuates, Advantage: Philly.

Check out the article here (once again, the comment banter back and forth is great) :  CHICAGO, PHILLY MAKE IT TOUGH FOR VISITORS IN CUP FINAL


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