Updates: Flyers’ Own “Frenchies” Toying With the Canadiens

Briere has been one of the main offensive leaders for the Flyers in the playoffs

Bob McKenzie, hockey mastermind of TSN in Canada, has a new post up on his blog about how the Flyers’ frenchmen are simply – yet, ironically – outplaying the Canadiens in the two teams’ Eastern Conference Final.  McKenzie also has some analysis on what the Canadiens will make of their goaltending situation now that the usually dependable Jaroslav Halak has shown himself to be anything but, giving up seven goals in the first two games of this series.  McKenzie asks the question that many Canadiens fans were hoping they would never have to hear again this season: Halak or Carey Price?

Check out McKenzie’s blog, it’s always a good read:  McKENZIE: FLYERS’ FRANCOPHONES MAKE LIFE MISERABLE FOR HABS


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