Updates: Danny B = Mr. Clutch

Briere's been an offensive machine these playoffs for the Flyers

NHL.com’s John McGourty has an interesting article up on the league’s website about Danny Briere and his knack for making the clutch play in tight situations over his career. Obviously, this was most recently amplified by Briere’s coast-to-coast rush against the Bruins in Game One to tie the score at four with less than five minutes remaining.

Over his career, Briere has made quite a name for himself as being a big-time player, and although in his three regular seasons as a Flyer he hasn’t been spectacular, his playoff performances each year for the club have been very solid.  this postseason is no different.  Through six games, Briere has three goals and four assists, ranking amongst the Flyers top point-getters thusfar.  The Flyers will need a big dose of Danny Briere (and perhaps some effort defensively from the sniper) for the remainder of the playoffs if they are to be making any more progress towards the ultimate goal.

Check out McGourty’s article here: BRIERE DANGEROUS IN CLUTCH SITUATIONS


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