Updates: Laviolette’s System Clicking

Laviolette has coached the Flyers into the Conference Semi-Finals

Frank Seravalli of the Philadelphia Daily News has another interesting article up today on the paper’s website.

The piece talks about the Flyers’ success since they have begun to believe in Peter Laviolette’s system.  Lavvy emphasizes a heavy forecheck: something the Flyers took to heart towards the end of the season and into the playoffs.  Not surprisingly, the Flyers are still playing, and Laviolette has once again reached another level of success.

For the readers on here if you are not familiar, I was the most excited person – bar none – when John Stevens was fired as the Flyers’ head coach earlier this year.  I wasn’t so much excited to hear about who Stevens’ successor would be, as much as I was excited that he was gone.  Nonetheless, when I heard Peter Laviolette would be the new guy in charge, I was ecstatic.  The Flyers went out and replaced who couldn’t win with a coach who has won.  Laviolette coached the Carolina Hurricanes to an unexpected Stanley Cup in 2006-’07, a year the Flyers flamed out and finished dead-last in the NHL.  However, slowly but surely since his hiring, Laviolette has transcended the Flyers’ product on the ice and given fans a reason to believe this team can win each and every night in his system.

For the Seravalli article, click here: FLYERS BELIEVE IN LAVIOLETTE’S PHILOSOPHY


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