Updates: Clarkie’s Flyers Legacy

Reading up on tonight’s game I stumbled across a great article detailing what many – or one, Adam Kimelman – think of Bob Clarke’s career with the Flyers, both as a player and General Manager.  It’s an interesting piece, featuring quotes from Flyers current General Manager Paul Holmgren, who succeeded Clarke when he stepped down 8 games into the ’06-’07 season.

Few Philadelphia athletes have been as beloved as Clarkie was for the Flyers

I am always put in a bind when it comes to Clarkie, because although I never had what would have been the honor to see the greatest Flyer ever play live, I still feel like he is a huge part of me.  I consider him one of my favorite players of all-time and make the mistake of trying to compare every Flyer to him in each facet of the game.  Simply put: it’s not possible and I realize that, but at the same time I want the current Flyers to have the dream, drive, and desire that Clarkie had for this franchise over a decade-plus in Orange and Black.  In a move that surely surprised no one that knows me, I bought a Flyers orange uniform with the name Clarke and the #16 on the back, accompanied by the “C” on the front.  I hold Clarke in such high standard that many may think I’m crazy; I don’t believe that a Flyer should wear the “C” unless the fit the qualities embodied by Clarke.  Alas, I know the rules of the NHL and make due with whomever it may be that captains the Flyers year in and year out.

Enough of my bantering, check it Kimelman’s article – which, in all honesty is a great read – courtesy of flyers.nhl.com, here.


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